TweetHustler Tuning Kit: auto message post on discord + auto RT

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Pimp your TweetHustler and take it to an automation level you never thought possible.


-> Post your link into every single discord group on autopilot.

-> Auto RT your clients or friends without moving a muscle.

Auto message posting in all discord channels

Your default TweetHustler lets you auto post in 14 telegram groups at the time of writing. While this gives you a good amount of time freedom already, you still have to post manually in discord.

Those days are over now.

We finally found a way that we can ship to users.

Here's what it does:

  • it engages with every tweet in its first run
  • it posts your twitter link from your discord account
  • it engages in a second run to go through new tweets that came in during the first run

Meaning: click a button and be done. Yes, completely done.

Check it out in action:

That's a like channel in the video. Like magic, isn't it?

When you use an RT channel, it automatically tags the people you just RTed:

You choose if you want to additionally post your tweet link automatically in the RT channel or not.

If you have a TweetHustler enterprise license, then you only need to get the tuning kit once to enable it for all accounts you use.

Finally - ultimate time freedom for you!

All you need to do is subscribe to the auto posting feature on this page, and enable it by providing an extra license key in your TweetHustler.

Auto Retweeting your customers and friends

Do you have private RT arrangements with friends?

And/or do you have clients that pay you for retweeting them?

If you'd answered yes to at least one of these questions, this feature is for you.

RTs work best, if they're done fast on fresh tweets. To make that happen, you'd normally have to turn on your telegram notifications to know when a client or friend wants you to RT something.

This is insanely distracting and will prevent you from getting deep work done during the day. It also burns you out.

Now imagine: you click one button, can ignore your phone completely and all your friends and clients get RTed on autopilot within 1min by your account. Just like that.

You can work on what matters to you, exercise, meditate or do anything you enjoy.

You can auto RT as many people as you want to. There's no limit.

Think about it: you can take on as many paying RT clients as you like. Auto RTing them means passive income for you.

Subscribe to the auto RT tier, enjoy ultimate time freedom and a thriving RT business without moving a muscle. Auto message posting for discord is included in that tier as well.


Does auto message posting work for every single discord channel?

Yes. The auto message posting works in every single discord channel you are a member of out of the box.

I have an enterprise license. How does it work?

You only need to subscribe once to the tuning kit. The features are available for all the accounts you use TweetHustler with. High leverage for you.

How many telegram groups can the auto RT bot monitor?

As many as you like, there's no limit.

I'd like to comment when I auto RT. How can I do that?

The auto RT bot leaves the tab open for you. So all you need to do is comment in bulk and are done.

Please note: if you have a lot of RT arrangements (>25), please make sure to close the tabs regularly. Else firefox might make trouble. We're working on a smooth solution for this already.

How do I know the auto RT was successful?

The bot posts a success message in the telegram group that you created for you and your client.

How do I set up the auto RT functionality?

  • enter the tuning kit license key in your TweetHustler
  • if you already have one, please click edit and save. The license stays the same if you upgrade from message posting only to message posting + auto RT
  • create a new telegram group
  • add your RT client and @TweetHustlerRetweetBot as members
  • copy the telegram chat url and add it in your TweetHustler
  • click 'activate automated retweeting' in your TweetHustler. This starts the monitoring
  • let your customers drop their links in the groups
  • be aware to not engage at the same time on twitter while the auto RTing is active

If you deactivated it and click on activate, the bot will check all the groups you monitor for missed tweets and catches up for you.

What happens when TweetHustler is running through the groups while a client drops a tweet to be RTed?

TweetHustler will pause, RT your client's tweet, leave the tab open and then continues engaging in the groups on its own.

Why is the auto RT useful?

RTs work best if they're done fast on fresh tweets. So our bot RTs within 1 min (randomized) when your client or friend drops their tweet.

It's a win win: your clients or friends get a fast boost and you don't go bananas due to being constantly distracted by your telegram notifications.

Bonus: you can take on as many paying RT clients as you like. The auto RT bot is an automated system that can be used to create a passive income stream.

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TweetHustler Tuning Kit: auto message post on discord + auto RT

19 ratings